Why do I have TWO of the same necklace?!? (Updated)

Despite my best efforts,
I don’t have 2 necks.

Update 3/2/13: This listing has sold! WOO! Take that, closet gremlins. 😛

I swear there are gremlins in my closet. They don’t steal things. They put things in there.


I mean, really: Where the heck did I get, not just one, but TWO turquoise necklaces?

Besides, turquoise beaded necklaces are not my style. I rarely wear jewelry anymore. I lost too many dear pieces while traveling. Not expensive ones, mind you, just ones that I got totally used to wearing, and then when they were gone, I would just feel off-balance for days.

So they’ve got to go. Check out these two (2) matching 18″ necklaces from Coldwater Creek, complete with matching gift boxes that I’m selling on eBay. New, never worn.

Uh, and I totally only have one (1) neck anyway….

Close-up of 18″ turquoise beaded necklace